“Coach, didn’t really want anything. Just wanted to tell you and the coaching staff thank you for putting me off of the team because that was the best thing y’all did for my life while I was in Montgomery. Not being able to play my senior season forced me to leave my teen days behind and become a a better man in a world that I was taking for granted. I’ve been working hard as far as still training and chasing my dream under a more humble identity. I know that with my faith in God, football is not over for me and in fact, it is just beginning. I will not only make it to the NFL, but I will effortlessly dominate my competition. All that I ask is that if we ever cross paths again that you would teach me anything that would give me an advantage. Still wish you the best, Coach!”

“Man, I thank you for the opportunity. Never thought I would even graduate from college. Now I have and am improving everyday. You changed my life, Coach, real talk, and yea we gave them hell, Coach! I am working on my teacher certification now so I can coach. So if you land another one, I want to intern with you. You gonna be back. I know you can’t stay away from the game long.”

“What’s up, Coach? I never told you this before I left, but I would like to say thank you for the opportunity you gave me. I know I didn’t play much, but I had to move on and show my talent somewhere else. But I just would like to say thank you for helping me become a Man…just saying thank you.”

“What’s up, Coach? Just wanted to let you know that I graduated today and to thank you for giving me the opportunity to play football and further my education at Alabama State University.”